Rug And Carpet Cleaning East Orange | Why Choose Us

When you first buy a beautiful rug or carpet, it looks great, feels great, and smells great. But over time, a rug will get dirty, and routine vacuuming isn't enough to get a rug clean. It's here where our service can help. For years, we have been preferred by those who need rug and carpet cleaning in East Orange, and these days we are serving both residential and commercial clients.
Our licensed and certified technicians will go the extra mile to ensure your rugs and carpets are clean, and once we’re done with them you'll think you just purchased them the other day. We use industry-leading cleaning methods and our technicians always keep their skills up to date.
We offer an affordable and timely service, and we are a family-owned and operated business. Making carpets look great for homeowners and business owners is what we strive to do every day.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

No stain is too powerful for our rug cleaners. They’ll use the best products, methods, and tools to ensure your rugs and carpets are spotless when they’re finished.


Rug Restoration & Repair

Restoring rugs and carpets to their former glory is our bread and butter. There are a variety of avenues we can pursue for restoration, and we’ll always choose the one that’s best for your rug’s style and age.


We’ll Clean Any Rug And Carpet

These days, there are thousands of rugs out there. We understand this, and our technicians can clean the majority of rugs that exist today. Neither a rug’s age nor its design will inhibit our carpet cleaners from performing a thorough cleaning job, and we have the know-how to ensure we'll only improve your rugs and never make them worse. Below is a list of rugs we are often called on to clean by both residential and commercial clients.
Silk rugs
Wool rugs
Jute rugs
Synthetic rugs
Bamboo rugs
Shag rugs
Leather, hide, and sheepskin rugs
Persian rugs
Faux Fur/Hyde rugs
Oriental rugs
Polypropylen rugs


Choose Us If You're In East Orange

We’re proud to be preferred by both homeowners and business owners in the local area, and since we began providing rug and carpet cleaning in East Orange, we have come to understand the value of consistently delivering first-rate services.
Our technicians will follow your instructions to a T, and they’re always friendly and accommodating. If you have a question about the cleaning products and/or tools they are using, they will explain what they can in a way that makes sense—and they'll do it with a smile on their faces. We’re a referrals-based business, so we value delivering great service above all else.


We Use Green and Non-Toxic Products

Do you not want us to use conventional rug/carpet cleaning products? We can accommodate this request and use green and non-toxic products instead. A lot of our clients choose to have their rugs and carpets cleaned with eco-friendly products, so we have been performing these kinds of cleanings for a long time.
Homeowners with small children and/or pets at home often want their rugs cleaned with non-toxic products, as they don't have to worry about cleaning efficiency being sacrificed for eco-friendliness. After we're done, the rugs will be usable immediately.